Office, used

Microsoft Office are packages of the well-known programs for office, work, school and for everyone in the home office.

Across devices and systems

Microsoft Office is most widespread on Windows systems, but the otherwise very well cared for Apple users can also use Microsoft Office with their iOS, macOS, iPadOS operating systems; the Android and WindowsPhone systems are also served by the small apps.
The Office for Windows has a special feature, as there is the database application Access, which is otherwise not available for any system.
With Office 365, now Microsoft 365, the Office "world" was lifted into the cloud. Here the applications are installed locally, but are connected to the cloud via the company account or the private Microsoft account.
For some it's a great invention for collaboration and mobility, for others it's a question of confidence in Microsoft.

Apple MAC

For users who use Microsoft Office on the Mac, the 2011, 2016 and 2019 editions are also available second-hand. The installation is kept relatively simple, as everything is very automated here.
Microsoft Access is not included in these packages.


With the edition of Office for Windows, the largest group of users also have Access as a choice. This application is included in the Pro Plus Office suite. However, the Office Standard Edition is the most common because it includes everything from Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

Almost monopoly

In Europe and the USA, Microsoft Office is the absolute market leader among "office packages". Although there are very good packages available with the free alternatives OpenOffice etc. When it comes to file sharing, compatibility, Microsoft Office is always the winner. The allegedly good compatibility of OpenOffice and MS Office repeatedly frustrates users. Because of its widespread use, there is no alternative to Microsoft Office in the professional environment.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Standard
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