Operating systems / OS (operating system)

In simple terms, the operating system is the software that provides all hardware for the user (in connection with the BIOS).
When it comes to purchasing an operating system, the hardware is primarily the first step; the information from the hardware manufacturer can help here.

Clarify dependencies beforehand

The further dependency exists between the programs / applications required by the user; here, too, the software manufacturers provide the information for the requirements with regard to the operating system and the hardware.
These questions do not arise with relatively new devices, as these are often used in the Windows or Apple world; older hardware, older operating systems and older programs can make a check of the prerequisites very useful.

Information can be found under DETAILS

We try to provide all information from the manufacturer under the details, should you be missing information, we look forward to your request to improve our item description.
The operating systems have different capabilities:

Memory management
Processor management
Device management
File management
Rights management
and much more
Simple requirements

A simple Windows 10 can meet normal user requirements well, but if you use one of the points intensively, a higher version of Windows is advisable.

Linux is interesting

Linux usually has all functions on board free of charge, but administration by the user is often only possible with prior knowledge; however, familiarization with this topic of Linux is very interesting and not completely complicated.
The operating systems from Apple are generally considered to be very stable and secure, but management by the user is extremely limited in some areas.

Windows runs almost as standard

Windows is the most frequently installed operating system; Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are still installed and operated today.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
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