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Windows 10 update overview

Function update

Windows has always been known for its many updates, but not always popular for them. In addition to the many updates, which mostly keep the system up to date in the background, there is a function update twice a year. That is mostly in March and September each year.

Quality update

This means that Windows 10 has a new "version", which is then "maintained" for 18 or 30 months and provided with so-called quality updates.

It is therefore advisable not to wait "forever" with the function updates, but to load and install them in the time window of 18 or 30 months using the Windows update function. This work is then carried out independently by Windows 10, the download is offered there.

We ourselves do not make these function updates immediately on all devices in order to have problems not caused by the update on all devices in our company at the same time. Thus problems with updates of this kind remain manageable.

The function updates deliver new features, integrated security and, as it is so beautifully written, new experiences.

The last two function updates did not deliver much here, as the Microsoft development teams are working harder on other projects such as Windows 11.

These function updates are documented in versions as a life cycle: here the latest from Microsoft on the subject.

Versions for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise:

21H1 current version from 05/18/2021 with the number (OS build) 19043.1202

Versions for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC:

1809 current version from 13.11.2018 with the number (OS build) 17763.2145

Within the version 21H1 we worked hard every month, so that you can expect a new OS build every month. We try to deliver the OS build version tested by ourselves, since the updates are also automatically delivered later by the system, it is not necessary to take a risk with "fresh" updates; which can be extremely bad and expensive for a productive system.