Virus protection and security

Here you will find the right protection program at the right price.

The competition of the engine

IT security has become more and more important in recent years. The manufacturers of protection software have come under enormous pressure from the very good virus protection of Windows 10, which is also included free of charge.
The manufacturers of this security software have developed better and better concepts for the system security of Windows due to the extreme pressure of competition.

Whole packages have become necessary

Entire security packages are now on the market, some of which are also offered at a very low price.
Virus protection alone is often no longer sufficient if you want to pursue a protection concept. That includes all of the cyber threats.

Attacks from all sides are possible

Hacking protection with network monitoring and ransomware protection prevents attackers in the home network.
Real-time virus protection takes care of worms, pharming, botnets, rootkits, rogues.
Malware protection is important against spyware, adware, keyloggers, spear phishing, and complex threats like fileless attacks and zero-day threats.

A large selection

The packages often contain protection offers for privacy, with encryption, etc., WLAN protection including accessories and child safety.
Decide for yourself how much security you need, we have simple virus protection packages and complete central security solutions.

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